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Jet Ski Fishing


Get on Board with then New Jet Ski Fishing Accessories called "Jeski" and
you too will be ready to Stike the Big One!!

It has taken us Aussies a little while to catch on to this adrenaline rushing way of
Fishing but at last it is here. Jet ski fishing is an affordable way to
 enjoy a great day out on the water and buy adding a "Jeski" Fishing or Endurance
 rig to your ski you are adding a complete new dimension of fun and  excitment to
your day.  100% Australian Designed and Owned by Moreton Marine Stainless, 
all of our Jeski  products have been specially designed to suit all models of
Yamaha, Sea Doo, Kawasaki  and Honda Jet Ski's.  Moreton Marine Stainless can
Custom Make any Jet Ski Fishing Rig to suit your personal requirements.

Why chose our "Jeski"  range of Jet Ski Fishing and Jet Ski Endurance Packs?

100% Australian Made:
The JESKI range of products are proudly designed and manufactured by
Moreton Marine Stainless in Brisbane and is 100% Australian made.
Our Jet Ski Fishing and Endurance Rigs are manufactured from the highest
quality 316 marine grade stainless steel and not aluminium.  Our Jet Ski
Fishing products have been designed and tested  to suit the harshed marine
 conditions and are backed by a 12 month warranty.

The JESKI frame is suitable for most popular brands of Jet Ski's including
Yamaha, Kawasaki,Honda and Sea-Doo models. Please adivse the exact make
and model of your jet ski when ordering a Jeski Fishing Pack.  Moreton Marine
Stainless will custom make a Jet Ski Fishing pack to suit your requirements.

The Jet Ski Fishing or Endurance rig simply sits on the back of your jet ski
with mounting attachments to the back of the seat and clamps to the rear of
the ski and can be installed and removed from you Ski in under 3 minutes 
without any permenant damage to your Jet Ski.  The Esky and Fuel carriers
are also secured with custom made tie down straps. There are also rod safety
clips in all rod holders to  protect against losing your rods. All attachments 
are included in your Jet Ski Fishing and Endurance Rigs,  however should
you wish to purchase extra attachments, these will be available at our online

There is no maintenance required on your JESKI  Fishing or Endurance Rig
Simply rinse your frame with cold water after use.

The JESKI frame can be used for many uses including fishing, endurance riding,
camping, and many other leisure activities. Other items which can be placed in your
JESKI frame include tent, sleeping bag, etc. and can be secured using your tie downs.

Additional accessories are available for Jetski Fishing from our online store these
include: Transducer and Sounder Brackets, Navigation Lights, Bait Board, Stainless
Steel Caddy and Hummingbird GPS Fish Finder Combo.

"Jeski" The Original Jet Ski Fishing Rig 

Do you love fishing, then the Jeski Fishing Rig is for you.

The Jet Ski Fishing Pack includes

- 316 Stainless Steel Jet Ski frame with 5 rod holders
- Attachments for easy installation
- 44litre Willow Esky
- Waterproof Tackle Box

"Jeski" The Original Jet Ski Endurance Rig

Do you go like to go on long trips on your jet ski? Has your
day ever been cut short because you've run out of fuel? 
If so, then the Endurance Rig is for you.  

The Endurance Pack includes:


- 316 Stainless Steel Jet Ski frame with 3 rod holders
- Attachments for easy installation
- 3 x 20litre Jerry Cans  (made to Australian Standards)
- Waterproof Utility Box

"Jeski" The Original Jet Ski Combo Rig


Would you like to go on long fishing trips on your jet ski without
the worry of running out of fuel?  If so, then the Jet Ski Fishing 
Combo Rig is for you.   The Jet Ski Fishing Combo Pack includes:

- 316 Stainless Steel Jet Ski frame with 5 rod holders
- Attachments for easy installation
- 25 litre Icekool Esky
- 1 x 20 litre Jerry Can  (made to Australian Standards)
- Waterproof Tackle Box

"Jeski" Custom Made Jet Ski Rig

If you have a particualr esky in mind that you would like to
use then let us know as we can custom make a Jeski Rig
to suit your personal requirements.


To Order a Standard or Custom Jet Ski Fishing, Endurance or Combo Pack or any
of our other Jet Ski Fishing accessories please visit our online store located on
our home page or vist our Brisbane Showroom. If you would like to know more about the
JESKI range or would like to know more about becoming a Distributor of our Jet Ski Fishing Products, 
please contact Damian on 07 3205 4072

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I upgrade my ski to a new one can will the Jeski pack fit my new ski?

A: Yes if you upgrade to the latest model ski your Jeski pack will fit your new ski, just contact us for a replacement tie down kit to suit your new ski

Q: If I already have a particular esky can I use that in the Jeski frame?

A: Yes if you have an icebox that fits into the Jeski frame you can purchase the frame without the esky

Q: Can I purchase replacement tie downs and straps?

A: Yes a full range of replacement is available for your convenience

Q: Can you custom make a frame to suit my personal requirements?

A: Yes we can customise a frame to suit your individual needs and requirements you can add or subtract accessories to personalise your Jeski frame

Q: What is the Jeski Frame manufactured from?

A: All Jeski products are manufactured from 316 Marine grade stainless steel (not aluminium) and is backed by our 12 months manufactures warranty
Q: How do I clean my Jeski frame?

A: Simply remove your Jeski frame from the back of your Jetski after us and wash down with water, if you are storing the Jeski frame on the back of your Jetski we recommend you loosen the turnbuckles and tighten prior to your next outing




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